Trawden 7 Trail

13613123_1775493136020946_979453499116948002_oLet me start by saying, What a Fantastic Day!! The Trawden 7 Trail is Trawden AC’s flagship event of the year and my business was also very proud to be helping with sponsorship by providing free buffs to all participants. I so nearly didn’t make this event though. A couple of months ago my achilles had started giving some grief and 4 weeks ago after finishing 10  minutes behind everyone else at training, I had to concede to the pain and take some time out from running. You just can’t believe how frustrating this is but it needed to be done. I was however, determined to make it back in time for this event, even though it was trail race and i don’t like leaving the tarmac too much. The previous week id decided to start my comeback and managed 3 steady runs of between 3 and 4 miles. Not great preparation but this was just about getting round rather than breaking records.


So to the day itself and some great weather for us although a bit cold high ups on Trawden Rec. I don’t think I’ve ever been up there in anything but cool conditions, it just never seems to get warm. The race started with 1.5 laps of the rec and then out onto tarmac (Yay!!) for around a mile as we dropped down into Trawden. Then it got tough. Suddenly we started to climb and at times it got very steep. My legs and my general fitness just weren’t prepared for this and unsurprisingly I had 2 x 11 min miles as I resorted to running and walking. Once at the Pennine Bridleway the tough climb was replaced by a mile of off-road running which needed some serious concentration on where to put my feet.



After safely navigating this we then dropped through a field and back to tarmac through the gorgeous village of Wycoller before climbing slightly to head back to Trawden rec for a grassy sprint finish. Although id struggled with the earlier hills, as we left Wycoller I seem to find some extra energy and started to go past a few people on the last mile. Finally I made it through the finish line in a time of 1h 08m 13s to collect my bottle of trail ale, steak pie and complimentary buff. A pretty good haul of gifts for the effort given.

I was a little uneasy about doing this race due to it being off-road and because of my injury but I am sooo glad i did. What a great race, brilliantly organised by an amazing running club which I am incredibly proud to be a member of.

A big thank you to all those at Trawden AC who gave so much to make this event a very special one. You’re amazing! 🙂

IMG_0734     Trawden 7 and Junior races 3 July 2016     T7-02     IMG_0736