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GD2017 – January, The Challenge Begins

The year and the challenge got off to a decent start despite me being a little unfit and still recovering from last years achilles and calf injuries. The 1st few runs were limited to the treadmill but it wasn’t long before I was back out on the roads and, on January 8th I completed the first of what will hopefully be 17 half marathons this year. It was the Central Lancashire half over at Lea Town. A good flat course although at times there are long straights that wear you down a little. Being able to see a full mile ahead of you isn’t great for the mind and was a little tough to push on. But I did and despite running out of energy at approx 8 miles and having to run/walk from there, it was a reasonable start to the running year. A time of 02:02:47 wasn’t bad at all with a couple of miles having been walked.

Two weeks later and still feeling a bit weary it was the Inskip Half Marathon. Again through the country lanes north of Preston although slightly better route than the previous race. Even though I crashed again, this time at 11 miles, I was over the moon with my sub 2hr time of 01:56:13. Getting back to where I want to be and I’ve set myself a target of a sub 1:50 by the time I run at Wigan in March. The rest of the month saw me doing several 6 to 7 mile runs to push me past 150km in total. Unfortunately I ended the month 20km behind my target but still plenty of time to make that up.

So in summary, 151 kilometres run and 2 half marathons bagged. Roll on February 😀


01 of 17 – Central Lancashire Half Marathon – 02:02:47

HM Total – 84










02 of 17 – Inskip Half Marathon – 01:56:13

HM Total – 85