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GD2017 – February, Where has all the Love gone

This was the month I should have been kicking on with my running after a good recovery in January. But instead I found myself in a battle with my body and my head. The month started with the usual TAC training and then a trip to London for a course at work. This was awesome and I made a promise not to use a single tube whilst there and just walk everywhere. The result was me racking up a whopping 27km over just 2 days. I followed this up with a couple of runs and then one the 19th a ran the Great North West half at Blackpool. What a disaster of a race this turned out to be and from 6 miles onwards my legs had gone, I’d no energy and my mind was convincing me to just give in. My time of 02:04:37 flattered me hugely and worst of all I got home feeling like I couldn’t be bothered running again. I had really lost the love with running and my head was in a really bad place. The result was a total block on any exercise for the rest of the month and I even considered quitting my Hospice Challenge.

As February draws to a close all I have to do now was find my passion for running again. I have no idea why my head gets ruled by these demons from time to time but this was the most I have struggled to battle back against them. Im hoping an upcoming good walk will spur me on to fight, as well as thinking about the reasons I’m doing this years challenge. Its to raise as much money as possible for Pendleside Hospice who care for people so much when they really need it. I have to realise just how lucky I am and that at least I have a choice to run, many others are not so fortunate. With this thought I aim to start March in a more positive manner and stop moping around feeling sorry for myself. This will be my last negative month.

Summary, 94 kilometres run and 1 half marathon bagged.


03 of 17 – Haweswater Half Marathon – 02:04:37

HM Total – 86