Day 4 – West Auckland day out

Day three on the other side of the world and we decided to head out on our own today. Little Reilly has had his routine turned upside down by us and it was starting to make him a bit grumpy so we thought it would be good to leave him and his mum with some peace and quiet for the day. Chris drove us down into the city and after having a really good breakfast at a south african restaurant we caught the ferry for the short trip across to Devonport. The first thing we saw as we left the ferry was a huge tree which looked like lots of trees growing together. It turns out the tree grows branches which sometimes grow normally and sometimes grow directly back to the ground and re-root themselves. makes them look very unusual. Across the road from this is a beautiful row of shops which looked like something from a wild west town. One of the shops was a quirky little cafe bar so we popped in for coffee and cake. The size of the portions was incredible and Linda was beaten by it and couldn’t finish. Once refreshed we headed up a trail path all the way to the summit of Mt Victoria. This is one of two volcanic peaks which have long since finished erupting and are now grass hills with stunning views across to the main city of Auckland. After a few pics were taken we made our way down and through Devonport to the other hill, Mt Head. Both of these old volcano’s have acted as signal posts and military canon battery’s in the past and some of these cannons and guns are still situated around. Mt Victoria now houses a pumping station with its vents all lined up on the summit. They have amusingly all been painted like red mushrooms with white spots. As we took in the views of Mt Head we could see another weather front coming in from the sea and heading over the main city. Just as we got down from the hill the heavens opened once more and rain lashed down as we walked along the sea front. Luckily we found another coffee shop to hide out in and once the rain stopped we made our way back to the ferry and back to the city. Its strange to see all the shops and buildings dressed up for Christmas when its so much like summer here. The final part fo the day was taking a trip on the Auckland trains. These are really clean and tidy and much nicer than anything back home. When we arrived back at Chris’s he greeted us with the news we were having fish and chips for tea. Off to the chippy then, which strangely was on Burnley Terrace, for Snapper and chips. I have to say snapper is really good. Another good but tiring day and now Linda looks forward to going swimming with Reilly tomorrow.