Day 15 – Back in Auckland & Trip to Waiheke

Day 15 starts with the lovely sound of Reilly laughing while eating his breakfast, something we’ve both missed while on the road. Out of all the amazing sights we have seen on this trip my favourite is Linda’s face lighting up when she sets eyes on this amazing little man. Priceless.

We spend a few hours with Manni and Reilly (Chris is at work) then me and Linda head off to take . a boat trip to one of the islands. The plan was to go to Rangitoto but we missed the ferry by just 5 minutes and so had to change to short day in Waiheke which you would normally go for a full day. The ferry journey is around 50 mins and as we arrive the heavens open, something we had to get used to today. Despite this we head on up the hill to Oneroa and get views of one of the many amazing beaches here. The sun comes out so its off with the coats and down onto the beach for a superb stroll. Because the weather is so changeable today we have the beach almost to ourselves which is great. We then head back on to the roads and on the map it shows a village called Blackpool which has its own beach. This has got to be seen. When we get there it couldn’t be more different from the Blackpool we know. A sleep row of houses that sit on a very quiet secluded beach with absolutely no lights or rides and to be honest, nothing going on. We continued our walk around the island dodging showers with coats on then off then on again, it was exhausting just swapping and changing the clothing but well worth it for the beauty of this place.

Then our short time on the island was over and we set off back on the ferry to Auckland where we had arranged to meet up with my cousin Kay. I hadn’t seen Kay in around 20 years, 11 of which she has spent here in Auckland. She has the same mindset as Linda’s son Chris, that this is the best place on earth and no way will they ever go back to living in the UK again. We can both see exactly why they think that, its such a stunning country with a very easy going lifestyle that would suit me and Linda down to the ground. A very quick hour went by catching up with Kay and i wish now id arranged to spend more time with her. The next time we come we definitely will though.