Day 14 – Penguins, Seals and Flying back North

Today was the last day of our road trip and we woke early for breakfast. The couple who owned the homestay we were in had asked us if we would like a tour of their house as it doubled up as an art gallery. We thought it would be best to be polite and we were given the guided tour. Trish was clearly a talented artist although it wasn’t really to our taste. There were a lot of paintings and also clothing and hats that she had made for the Steampunk festivals. Once shown round we got chatting with them and found them to be really interesting people especially Gary who was a local school principle and hobby musician who also made wooden furniture. he played me some of the music his band plays and then showed my the drums he had made and were used in the music he’d just played. A very talented couple who at first appeared to weird and a bit scary but turned out to be really nice people.

We finished packing and hit the road heading back to Dunedin for our flight at 2pm. On the way the rain which had come down almost all night, started to ease and we saw the signs for Moeraki and its famous boulders. These are rocks that have been moulded by the soil and the sea into perfect spheres that rest all along the beach. Some have cracked open and look like prehistoric dinosaur eggs, it really is a surreal sight and one we really enjoyed. Just down the road we saw signs for a lighthouse so turned off to see that. As we walked up to the lighthouse we saw some people all walking around the headland and a lady told us that there were seals and penguins. Highly doubtful we made our way down and to our amazement there were 2 Yellow Eyed Penguins outside a small hide. Down on the beach to the side of them were 3 large seals basking in the sun. We continued down the path and there right in front of us and i mean just 4 or 5 feet in front, were 3 other seals showing off for people with cameras. I started clicking away and the seals really did appear to be posing for us. The rain then came back and totally soaked us meaning we were drenched as we headed for the airport but what a treat and definitely worth the soaking.

All we had to do now was get to the airport, drop the car off and get on the plane for another nervous flight back up to Auckland. I really don’t like flying so this has been really tough coming here. But as hard as it is I would do it again in a flash as this country is amazing. The flight is just a short one but a very windy one so a bit bumpy on take off and landing. Other than that it wasn’t too bad and we enjoyed some amazing views up above the clouds.