Day 1 & 2 – Long Flight & Meeting Family

Finally its come around to our trip to New Zealand and for me its my first trip south of the equator. The journey begins at 8-30pm with a 7 hour flight from Manchester to Dubai which is a challenge for me as I’m not a very good flyer. But other than being anxious on take off and landing, the flight was quite a nice experience. In Dubai we didnt get chance to leave the airport as we only had a 2 hour gap before the next flight. This airport is spectacular. Very clean and quiet and the architecture is modern and stunning. Certainly some money been spent here. We move our watches on to the local time and then board the Emirates A380 for a 14 hour flight direct to Auckland. This next flight was tough, really tough. Theres plenty of entertainment to keep us going but after a while you get fed up of movies and music. Sleep is hard and i lost count of the number of laps around the plane we walked. Good for the step counting challenge though lol. Finally at 10:30 am we arrive in Auckland and are surprised to see perfect blue skies as the weather forecast was for heavy rain. Chris, Manny and Reilly came to collect us which gave Linda her first chance to see her lovely grandson. He really is a cutie and such a happy little baby. As we were shattered from the journey we went for a short walk up Mount Eden to see Auckland from above then went out for dinner and a short walk along the beach. By then we were ready for dropping, especially me as i didn’t cope as well as Linda with the jet lag. The forecast for tomorrow is unfortunately more rain but fingers crossed its wrong again.