2015km Challenge – March

This month got off to a great start with the Haweswater half marathon. A tough hilly run and yet again the weather was awful with wind,rain and hail plus a road that had become a river. Despite all that i ran it 10 mins quicker than last year and got a great sub 2 hour time. The miles really did start to rack up and in the middle week of the month I ran 10m, 11m and 12m all in just 6 days. A great effort that showed how fit id become. This was proved when a week later on the 22nd I ran the Trimpell 20miler in 3h 3m and at a sub 4 hour marathon pace. The quickest 20 miles of my life by some distance. Its even got me thinking of a sub 4 hour marathon although that is unlikely lol. The month ended with a few more good distance runs and a massive total of 205km in the month. I really couldn’t be happier at the moment and the London Marathon just can’t come quick enough 🙂