2014-12-07 Lancaster 3-1-5 Half Marathon

Well what a day. Id been feeling confident lately of a PB and today I was right in the mood for it. It was freezing cold and very windy but I was up for this in a big way. It was a nice flat route and not many runners so easy to find my own space to run in. It also meant the runners that did take part were half decent so I could keep a faster pace trying to stay with them. The first 9 miles were pretty good weather wise and my pace was way in advance of what i was wanting with me even dreaming of a sub 1:50 run. But then we turned a corner and the strong winds slammed us in the face and it was like that for 2.5 miles which unfortunately just took some of my time gained away from me. This combined with some terrible mile markers and my running app getting out of sync left me struggling towards the finish and feeling gutted that id failed by a few seconds to register my fastest ever Half Marathon.

Then my mate Mark confirmed what id suspected in that they had measured the race wrong. I wasn’t sure by how much because of my gps inaccuracy but Marks Garmin had it as 0.1 of a mile too far and that was quickly confirmed by other runners and more importantly by the race organisers. So the race actually ended at their 13 mile point. I was all worked up by now not knowing what my time actually was and feeling i may have been robbed. Once home i quickly calculated my time as I passed the 13 mile marker (actual distance 13.12 miles) and was over the moon to find id beaten my previous best by 22 seconds. At last im now back to where i was 2 years ago before the achilles injury started. 2 years to get rid of that but now its gone ive got my sights on a 1h 49 m in run. maybe that will happen on January 4th when i take on the Central Lancs half at Preston. Its dead flat so a good chance.

3-1-5 Lancaster HM-s

3-1-5 Lancaster HM-01    3-1-5 Lancaster HM-02