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2014-07-13 Windmill Half Marathon

Well today didn’t exactly go to plan. Up early and off to Lytham for the run and despite staying out until nearly 1am at a party I was confident of a good time today. It was November 2012 the last time I broke 2 hours for a half marathon and I’ve been getting very close lately after 18 months of Achilles problems. So I arrive at Lytham at 9-15 and reach into the back of my car for my running bag……..Oh Sh**. Id left it at home. Thankfully id driven on in shorts and my running shoes but my top, race gels, and pain killers for the achilles pain were all back in Kelbrook. I had my T-shirt on that I got at the Wales marathon 2 weeks ago so that would have to do.

After 20 mins of cursing and calling myself some choice names i got my head clear and made my way to the start, via the race HQ for my run number. The run started well although the first 3 miles were with the sun on our faces and the wind at our back. This pushed me along but also cooked my face. The next 3 m,lies were head on into the wind and i was wondering which was the easier, both uncomfortable. My pace at the half way was averaging 8:59 a mile but I could tell i was running down a bit. The next few miles back into the sun really sapped my energy and my pace dropped a lot. By the time I turned for the final 4 miles home the wind had gathered pace making it very tough for me. But I had to just keep moving forward as i was determined to make my target. Finally i got back to Fairhaven Lake and with just one mile left I knew it needed to be around 9 min pace. Thankfully I saw Lisa and the kids at that point and that gave me the lift I needed to give one last push. A quick look at my watch as i turned the final bend and i was cutting it fine. I sprinted as hard as I could for those last 200 metres and blindly stopped my watch. A glance over to it and yes i’d done it. 1 hour 59 minutes and 49 seconds. 11 seconds under but that didn’t matter one bit too me. Totally unprepared, still a bit rough from the previous nights alcohol and food but I had enough in the tank to hit my target.

I met up with Lisa, the kids and her parents and we spent the afternoon playing Boules and having a picnic at the beautiful Fairhaven lake. Top day and fantastic result for me 🙂