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19/12/2013 – 13in13 Challenge Completed

This is my final blog entry on my 13in13 challenge for Pendleside Hospice. Its quite sad really that its all over so I guess Ill just have to do another challenge to keep the fun going :-)
All the runs are done and now the money that has been raised has been counted and the grand total is………………………..


That is absolutely brilliant and I am so grateful to everyone who donated. Times are tough at the moment and so I know that every penny given is valuable. I think i got the easy job of just running lol. Below is a poster that shows some stats about the challenge and the one I like best is how much was raised for each mile I ran, £4.05. On my next challenge that will be a great way to motivate myself, just thinking that every mile raises that much.

Once again, Thank You all so much. I hope to everyone has a great Xmas and New Year and I will no doubt be posting about my new challenge in the early weeks of next year.13in13_Final